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Review: 'A Nun's Curse'

Felissa Rose in A NUN'S CURSE

By: Erika Grauman

A NUN'S CURSE, written and directed by Tommy Farcloth, has one of my favorite horror babes, Felissa Rose of Sleepaway Camp, as Sister Monday. When I heard she was in this film, I was all in. I mean, how iconic is she?

The movie starts off with a young Ashley-Kae (Ashley-Kae Luker) talking about how she is always seeing a scary nun (Sister Monday). She's afraid to sleep, because she knows the nun is under her bed, waiting to get her. If her closet door is cracked, she knows the nun is behind it, waiting to get her.

I will say, the opening is amazing and totally creepy. It's simple and straight to the point, but very eerie with the natural lighting. The opening ends with the young Ashley-Kae opening her closet door, and letting out a huge scream. You don't see what she sees, which always lets your mind run wild with assumptions.

Cut to four travelers, heading to the family lake house. We now meet an older Ashley-Kae (Erika Edwards). Her sister, Gabby (Kristi Ray), absolutely nails the b*tch role. You really can't stand her in this film. I love a good b*tch. Gabby's boyfriend, Anthony (Damian Maffel) was my comic relief throughout the whole film. He is supposed to be your typical douche-y character, but he was actually my favorite one.

Then we have the random friend, Michael (Gunner Willis), who doesn’t really seem to fit in the group. He has one class with Ashley-Kae in college, and that’s really his only connection. They aren't even friends outside of school, so why is he there for a lake house weekend trip? Anywho…

Ashley-Kae planned stops throughout the drive, to check out and take pictures of old haunted and eerie places, since she is a lover of the macabre. Her favorite memory is her father telling her stories of a scary nun, named Sister Monday. Even though she was always scared of this nun, the story still excited her. As they are about to leave, Anthony can't find his car keys. Later, you come to find out that Ashley-Kae took them, because she wanted to check out the abandoned jail, where Sister Monday worked and was accused of killing many prisoners. But since there was a storm coming, she used the excuse of grabbing shelter until the storm passed to get everyone to stay.

Damian Maffei, Kristi Ray, Gunner Willis, and Erika Edwards in A NUN'S CURSE

Once the group arrives to the prison, they do exactly what you are not supposed to do: split up. The second the four enter the prison, Ashley-Kae begins to have tons of haunting memories from childhood. She starts to see things inside the prison. She even thinks she sees old pictures she drew of Sister Monday, when she was young. She also starts to get flashes of Sister Monday killing prisoners.


One by one, the friends start to meet their fate with Sister Monday. She haunts and kills each character, in fun and rewarding death scenes. Then, we are left with Ashley-Kae, searching for her sister and friends, who are now all dead. In her search, she comes face to face with her childhood nightmare, Sister Monday.

The two square off, and Ashley-Kae takes her power back, in a way that might seem familiar. She simply tells Sister Monday that she isn't afraid of her anymore. Then, she uses Sister Monday's crucifix, which is actually a knife, and gives her one mean stab. Of course, after stabbing Sister Monday, Ashley-Kae falls back to see that her hand is covered in blood, her blood. Cut to all the death scenes and - I totally called it! - Ashley-Kae was the one killing everyone.

Now, while I did call that ending, I certainly didn't see the second twist coming. I don't want to say what happens afterwards. I want you to watch for yourself, and see if you can guess what happens next.

While A NUN'S CURSE, has its slow burn moments, and a few somewhat repetitive scenes, I still had fun watching it. I wish Rose had been in it more, though. Her evil nun makeup in the end is a lot of fun. I kind of want to look like that every day. There's just something about white contacts that gets me going. So, give A NUN'S CURSE a shot. Think you can make it through without jumping?

A NUN'S CURSE is available on Digital and DVD starting May 12th.


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