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Haunting Expansion: New Haunted Mansion Grounds & Shop at Disneyland 2024

Image courtesy of Disney

Step into a Spirited Metamorphosis of the Haunted Mansion's Stately Grounds. According to the DISNEY PARKS BLOG, Disneyland Resort is set to unveil a mesmerizing expansion to the iconic Haunted Mansion grounds in 2024. The tale of the Haunted Mansion will take an enthralling new turn as the beloved attraction's surroundings undergo a hauntingly enchanting transformation. Drawing from local legends and the rich history of the mansion, this expansion promises to immerse visitors in a realm where mystery and magic converge.

A Whimsical Journey Through Haunting History

The heart of this expansion lies in the captivating story that has surrounded the mansion for generations. Whispered through the winds of time, it's said that the mansion was originally crafted by a prosperous sea captain. Today, the mansion's dedicated staff continues to lovingly maintain the captivating yet eerie ambiance that defines it. Now, in 2024, the story unfolds further as the expanded outdoor queue captures the essence of the mansion's past.

Image courtesy of Disney

As guests traverse the new queue, they'll be transported through gardens inspired by key figures from the mansion's lore – Master Gracey, Madame Leota, and the mysterious one-eyed cat. Each garden will feature its own unique elements, from tranquil water fountains and charming gazebos to meticulously designed statuary and captivating landscaping. And for the first time, guests will have the opportunity to peer into the greenhouse where the mansion's groundskeepers nurture their spectral flora.

A Menagerie of Curiosities: The Retail Shop of Enchantment

The mystique doesn't stop at the gardens. Enter the realm of Madame Leota like never before, as her presence transcends the mansion's walls with the introduction of a captivating retail shop. Housed in what was once Leota's carriage house, this standalone shop promises an array of eerie delights that are bound to enthrall even the most daring of souls. While details remain a closely guarded secret, one can only speculate about the wondrous curiosities that will line its shelves.

Image courtesy of Disney

Beyond the Veil of Time: A Plaza of Memories

But that's not all – the transformation touches even the surrounding areas. The plaza adjacent to Tiana's Palace, rich in memories and history, will undergo an elegant rejuvenation. Amidst the shade of both new and historic trees, a new park-like setting will come to life. This inviting space will provide a haven for relaxation and enjoyment, complete with live entertainment that harmonizes with the enchantment of the Haunted Mansion.

A Glimpse into the Future

Construction for this otherworldly expansion is slated to begin in January 2024. In a heartwarming gesture, the enhancements will extend to accessibility, ensuring that all guests can partake in the hauntingly beautiful experience. A new elevator exit from the Haunted Mansion will be specifically designed to accommodate those with disabilities, offering an inclusive journey through the realm of the spirits.

As the anticipation builds, Disneyland Resort promises to reveal more about these captivating additions early next year. Until then, let the anticipation linger in the air, and ponder the eerie objects that will soon populate Madame Leota's bewitching garden, each carrying a trace of her incantation. The Haunted Mansion grounds expansion is poised to be an enchanting chapter in the storied history of Disneyland Resort, inviting all who dare to step into its realm to embrace the enchantment and embrace the unknown.

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