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Fly away to Neverland with Peter Pan for a Boozy Cocktail Experience in Orlando

A Peter Pan themed pop-up bar is coming to The Oliv Bar on N Magnolia

Avenue this May! Created by the mystical minds behind The Alice Cocktail

Experience and The Wizard's Den, you'll never want to leave (or grow up!).

Prepare to leave reality behind and dive into the timeless classic. Come and experience the wonder of the Blue Lagoon, climb aboard the Jolly Roger, and hang out at the Lost Boys Hideout.

Guests will find themselves in the bedroom of Wendy, John & Michael for a spot of storytelling before being whisked away to the island of Neverland. Follow Peter on an exhilarating journey through the lush jungles and hide from the evil Captain Hook and his bloodthirsty pirates in a land free from grown up rules. Try your hand at hook toss and archery, as well as walking the famous plank to collect gold coins in order to make the brew of belief to save Tinkerbell! The Tiki Bar is serving up plenty of delicious themed drinks for the occasion including pixie dust shots and Mai Tais.

Tickets for the 90 minute experience cost just $47pp and you’ll be treated to all kinds of magical cocktails (1x welcome drink & 2x bespoke cocktails included with the ticket) sprinkled with faith and a little bit of pixie dust.


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