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Midsummer Scream Is Next Weekend - Buy Tickets Beforehand Or Miss Out!

MIDSUMMER SCREAM is next weekend, and tickets are only on sale in advance! Be sure to buy tickets now, because the event will sell out.

MIDSUMMER SCREAM returns July 29-31 to the Long Beach Convention Center, with over 100 panels, presentations, and performances, and dozens of guests; plus 15 unique haunted walk-thrus and displays.

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Not sure which tickets to buy?

General admission tickets for MIDSUMMER SCREAM are available for single day or weekend purchase, or for a premium experience, splurge on the Gold Bat Pass. Here's a little help in deciding which ticket may be right for you, based on what you may find most important:

Is shopping and the showfloor your fave? We anticipate the lightest crowds on Friday night, so a Friday general admission pass should suffice.

Bonus: this is our lowest priced ticket. Downside: we're only open 6pm-10pm on Friday, and the Hall of Shadows won't be open.

Are you into haunted houses? You'll definitely want a Saturday, Sunday, or weekend ticket to experience the Hall of Shadows, where there are over a dozen haunted walk-thrus and displays set-up, where it's night time all day long!

Do you like to avoid lines? You definitely then need to go for our premium ticket, the Gold Bat Pass. Along with allowing for one hour early entry on Saturday and Sunday (doors open at 10am vs 11am for GA), Gold Bat passholders receive priority admission into panels, presentations, and most haunted attractions.

Want to experience everything, but you're thrifty? We recommend the weekend pass and strategize: hit the showfloor on Friday night, when there will be the lightest crowds, and then split Saturday and Sunday between your preferred panels and presentations and the Hall of Shadows (the haunts will have slightly shorter lines on Sunday).

However, what may ultimately decide which day is what's on your schedule -- be sure to download our app, where you'll be able build your own schedule, and plan appropriately...

To help you plan your time at the event MIDSUMMER SCREAM just released a brand-new app which includes the schedule of the nearly 100 panels and presentations, a showfloor map, and guide to finding over 350 vendors and celebrity autograph signers, and more!

After you download the app and create an account, you'll be able to select the panels and presentations you want to check out to build your own schedule, highlight vendors you don't want to miss, and more.

The MIDSUMMER SCREAM app can be downloaded by searching for "Midsummer Scream" on your mobile device's app store or through the following links: App store or Google play.


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