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Watch the trailer for Elbert van Strien's MARIONETTE

In the wake of losing her husband in a seemingly random accident, child psychiatrist Marianne Winter starts life anew in Scotland. There, she begins treating a secretive 10-year-old who claims to control the future through his drawings. When his horrific sketches start coming true, Marianne begins an obsession that will derail her life and reality.

Image courtesy of S&R Films

Directed by Elbert van Strien (Two Eyes Staring), the film stars Thekla Reuten (In Bruges), Peter Mullan (Children of Men), and Elijah Wolf (T2 Trainspotting)!

Image courtesy of S&R Films

Available On-Demand on Cable, Amazon, & Vimeo November 3, 2021

Spectrum, Comcast, Cox, DirecTV, Dish, Fios

Exclusive Digital on Amazon and Vimeo

Available on iTunes, Vudu/Fandango, & Google Play December 3


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