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First Original LGBTQ+ Thriller Series 'Scare BNB' Begins Streaming February 28

Image courtesy A Baker Production

The first original LGBTQ+ series to debut on the newly launched, queer network,, Scare BNB, is set to begin streaming Feb. 28.

A five-episode, limited series produced by A Baker Production, episodes one and two, “The Hosts,” will launch Feb. 28. An additional three episodes, “The Double Booking,” will begin streaming later this year.

Image courtesy A Baker Production

In Scare BNB, two couples—long-time friends since high school—are in high spirits when they arrive at a remote, rental cabin in the Tennessee woods for a much-needed vacation ... But, upon their arrival, they find the overly attentive owners may want to host them to death.

Directed by Christin Baker (Secs, EXECS, Riley Parra, Merry & Gay, Christmas at the Ranch, I Hate New Years, Season of Love), the series stars Mandahla Rose (Forever Not Maybe, All About E), Sterling Victoria (Venus as a Boy; Charlie, Trevor and a Girl Savannah), Abisha Uhl (Electric Addiction, Loss Prevention, Girl/Girl Scene), Lily Richards (Honor, Erin, Twenty), Marvin E. West (Landscape With Invisible Hand, The Stranger) and Deborah Seidel.


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