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"Late Night Fright with Unman Dane" at Beetle House LA Recap

Words & Photos By John Duarte

On a dark and windy night on the streets of Hollywood, it was getting chilly outside, so I took shelter inside Beetle House LA to grab myself a drink. All of a sudden, a tall half-man wendigo made an announcement that a Late Night Horrorshow was about to begin in the back. I decided to follow him, and a few other demented demons to a little room for something very dark and unique. Welcome, Unman Dane! The host of Late Night Fright with Unman Dane.

Right when you walk inside, they have a table with goggles and ponchos. So you know something gory is going to happen. As we all got settled in, an announcer came onstage to introduce the host, before popping backstage to grab him. Of course, once out that door, we could hear her getting brutally killed. That’s when our host of the night, Unman Dane, walked in to begin the show.

With a cool intro by his house band, he sang his theme song, before bringing an unfortunate soul onstage. Then he killed her right there - in front of our eyes! He grabbed the poor woman’s guts and flung them over the audience. Thank God for the ponchos! Unfortunately, the drunk woman next to me didn’t get a poncho, and ended up covered in blood and guts. Not gonna lie, it was pretty funny.

The show begins with a little witty banter between Dane and his skull head sidekick. Then he brought up a volunteer to help him turn pages for Storytime on how Unman Dane came to be. The volunteer was spared.

Next up, Dane brought his Demonic son up to the stage for a very funny one-on-one interview. The voice the demonic son had really creeped the hell out of me, though. A big guy doing a baby voice always creeps me out. After that, we were treated to a really cool performance by Lady Nichole. She’s a talented fire performer who did an awesome four to five-minute fire dance to some AC/DC.

Unman Dane joined in to eat fire with her as well. Finally, Dane brought a celebrity guest up on stage. Special guest Nick Eversman has done both film and TV projects, but what he mainly talked about during his sit-down with Dane was the awful time he had making Hellraiser: Revelations. Side note: if you haven’t seen the movie - Good. Nick went on to talk about how everyone knew the film they were making was garbage. He also said the director was drunk pretty much the entire time. Finally, he revealed that the movie was made because Bob Weinstein and his Dimension Films just wanted to keep the rights to the Hellraiser franchise. The interview, of course, came to a killer ending when Unman Dane stabbed Nick to his bloody end and threw him to the band to eat.

Late Night Fright with Unman Dane was a bloody good time. A 40-minute live horror talk show was a welcome addition to Beetle House LA. This event took place early February before the massive public closures. Let's hope when Beetle House LA reopens the show returns. Horror fans will definitely enjoy it.


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