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Haunted Weddings: The Addams Family

Every year, when the wind picks up, and a chill is in the air, a group of wedding vendors in Central Florida combine creative efforts to create fantastical haunted weddings. Themes are taken from folklore, movies, and pop culture, turning the traditional on its severed ear. Once the pitch is made, a meeting with the team -who all contribute with their ideas - commences to bring something macabre to life!

This round we wanted to feature one of the truest loves out there in a very Addams Wedding. Starting with the venue, it couldn't be your standard hotel ballroom or event center. We needed something that fit, such a well-known aesthetic, it screamed "Of course they would get married here!" And we found just that in the heart of downtown! Cocktails and Screams is a year-round Halloween bar that also happened to have an area dedicated to our dark duo, so... check!

For our Gomez and Morticia, we wanted to bring goth's favorite couple into a more modern arrangement, so we gender bent our groom for a same-sex union. After all, who doesn't want a love like that for everyone! They totally embodied the look and feel we were going for, and we all had so much fun with the cool sophistication of our 'Tish, and the camp of her amour. The attire had to be specific so we searched the racks at our favorite vintage store to find truly unique pieces that would look perfect among fog and candles. A bit of the usual tux added the formal touch needed for a truly sumptuous affair. There was a delicate balance for hair and makeup, to create characters we all already know and love, but still allow the model's beauty to shine through - and yes, there was debate on the mustache for Gomez, but who is he without it?

Our table and decor had to not only be gorgeous, but also a twisted feast for the eyes. Textured linens, glam plates, chargers, glassware, flatware, and custom stationary lent to a one-of-a-kind setting. The floral touches were literally turned on their head with rose heads clipped from their stems and either suspended from the center chandelier, or submerged in the bottom on two grand vases. It was definitely giving off otherworldly vibes and a spin on what you can do outside the box.

One wow factor added was dancing on clouds - a new trend which real couples have embraced for first dances or grand entrances. And for the ceremony portraits, this effect raised the bar that much higher. Other additional touches featured an all-black tiered wedding cake, complete with skull and raven guardians, swords for when you've met your match, and Thing, who - of course - watched over the rings.

Lastly, our photographer and videographer captured the spirit (haha... ahem) of the entire day with moody lighting and tight shots really focusing on the couple and details of the set up.

With as many things that had to be adjusted, rescheduled, and reconfigured while planning all of this through the pandemic, it turned out exactly and even better than envisioned. We hope you enjoy it with as much excitement and reverence for the classic characters as we did!


Planner, Michele Butler Events, Michele Butler, 407.765.4001,

Creative Consultant

Jaimz Dillman, 407.920.0156,

Floral Décor, Lee Forrest Design Lee Forrest, 407.770.0440,

Photographer, In Style Imagery, Olivia Ginn, 352.250.2935,

Cinematographer, Elmwood Forest, Ephraim McCormick, 325.217.5586,

Venue, Cocktails n Screams, Addie Morrone, 407.885.3558

Hair and Makeup, Laura Reynolds Artistry, Laura 407-962-5114,

Chargers, glassware, tray rentals, A Chair Affair, Ann Taylor, 386.479.4308,,

Social: @achairaffair

Candle Wall, table, chair rentals, Orlando Wedding & Party Rentals, Darrin Shifrel, 407.739.5740,

Cake, Anna Cakes, Anna Hightower, 407-792-8096,

Paper Products, Themes Come True

Shelley LaMarre, 407.808.4909,

DJ & Smoke Machine, JW Yeager, 407-312-8348,

Social: @j.w.jaeger

Clothing, Luxury Tux, 407-917-2065,

Duckie’s Vintage Boutique, 407-310-8908

Linens, Connie Duglin Linen, Dean Perry, 321.960.7822,

Social: @cdlinen


Leisa Englert, social: @elle.bee.marie

Cherran Dea, social: @_cherran_dea


Thing, Cos FX @cosfxstudios

Swords, Bill Warriner, Fight Director @bill_warriner_fight_director


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