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Haunt Review: At Look Back at Orlando's Tales of Terror

Image courtesy of Tales of Terror

By Jaimz Dillman

There’s something to be said for haunted trails that keep true to the spooky feeling of Halloween. With all the big commercialism of events that get bigger, better, and beyond there’s still something to be said for an appreciation of the smaller attractions that literally hit the ground running.

Tales of Terror is a haunt at Warrior Sports Park located in the Central Florida fairgrounds of Orlando. They have also partnered with a paintball area where you can play family-friendly zombie Gellyball. Combined with a Halloween market and different food trucks each night, this makes for a fun escape from the larger offerings around town.

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We attended the media event, and my guest opted for the glow necklace experience, which is supposed to be more intense. And yes, they will touch you. You may even leave with some unintentional souvenir residual on your clothes or arms.

What I liked about this experience, this year titled “The Wasteland“, was that the actors were used really well, it’s a group effort with make-up and costumes, and the tech is minimal but used in such a way that the ending really wowed us.

Don’t expect bells and whistles, you’re not gonna get that here, but what you will get is good ol’ fashion chills and thrills. Make sure you wear long pants and boots as everything is built in a typical Florida field, and you may want to load up on the bug spray as well.

Although their Halloween event has wrapped for the year they do have a Holiday Haunt planned called SANTA'S SUMMONING Haunted Trail December 9-11, 2022. For more information visit


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