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The Croaks are No Hoax in Lovecraftian Nightmare FROGMAN

Cryptid hunters, rejoice! Using almost exclusively practical effects, FROGMAN is a found-footage creature feature based on the eerie real-life legend of the Loveland Frogman. Directed by Anthony Cousins and filmed mostly on Hi-8, FROGMAN will be available on Collector's Version VHS February 9 and on VOD/Digital Platforms on March 8.

Official Synopsis: Loveland, Ohio. Home of the Frogman. In the summer of 1999, a 12-year-old named Dallas Kyle captured footage of the mythical creature, but no one believed it was real.

Twenty years later, Dallas, now an amateur filmmaker struggling to turn his passion into a career, returns to Loveland with friends Amy and Scotty determined to obtain irrefutable proof that the Frogman exists. But what starts as an innocent documentary soon turns into a Lovecraftian nightmare as Dallas uncovers the horrific secrets hidden beneath Loveland's idyllic surface.

Can Frogman read minds? Does he really have a wand? Does Frogman f*ck?

One thing is certain. The croaks are no hoax!

Directed by Anthony Cousins and written by John Karsko and Cousins the film stars Nathan Tymoshuk (Kill Me, Teacher's Lounge), Chelsey Grant (V/H/S/85, Scare Package and Scare Package II), Benny Barrett (Max Bishop, TV's "I Was There"), Justen Jones (V/H/S/85, Dark Cloud).

To pre-order the VHS click here.


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