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Fright-Rags Drops 'Evil Dead Rise' and Joe Bob Briggs Merch

Image courtesy of Fright-Rags

Two beloved horror institutions return this week: Evil Dead and Joe Bob Briggs. Fright-Rags has new merchandise for Evil Dead Rise and The Last Drive-In available now, plus new Halloween action figures on deck for halfway to Halloween.

Evil comes home when Evil Dead Rise opens this weekend, and Fright-Rags has you covered with official apparel from the latest installment in the classic horror franchise. From peepholes to cheese graters, you'll never look at mommy the same way after seeing these five shirts.

Fright-Rags continues its collaboration with Joe Bob Briggs in honor of The Last Drive-In's return this week on Shudder. The new collection includes the Season 5 art on T-shirts, baseball tees, and zip-up hoodies, along with Joe Bob and Darcy socks, a set of five buttons, and a sheet of six puffy stickers.

Image courtesy of Fright-Rags

Fright-Rags will launch orders for three new action figures from John Carpenter's Halloween on April 28. Dr. Loomis, Sheriff Brackett, and Annie are expected to ship this summer, joining the previously released Michael Myers, Laurie Strode, and Lynda. Sculpted by Plastic Meatball, each 3.75" scale retro-style toy comes with character-specific accessories in throwback packaging.

Other recent releases include Army of Darkness, Psycho, The Lost Boys, Critters, House by the Cemetery, and The Thing. All this and more can be found at


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