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Classic Monsters in FON's Productions 'Tales From Tomorrow: Origins' in SoCal Starting 9/9

"Tales From Tomorrow: Origins" picks up the mantle with six all-new, original stories featuring some of the most well-known movie monsters. You might think you know the oft tragic origin tales of Frankenstein, Dracula, the Wolfman, the Mummy, Invisible Man, and the Creature From the Black Lagoon, but you've never experienced their stories quite like this.

Photography courtesy of Carlos R. Hernandez

Performance Dates:

Location: Brickhouse Theatre, 10950 Peach Grove St. North Hollywood

Photography courtesy of Carlos R. Hernandez

Written by: Evan Baughfman, Jeff Folschinsky, Dana Hammer, Tom Jones, Thomas J. Misuraca, and Robert J. Watson

Directed by: Corey Chappell, Randy Marquis, Samantha Marquis, Sebastian Muñoz, and John Wallis

Featuring: Jerry Chappell, Carlos Chavez, Jennifer Novak Chun, Kyle Felts, Kenny Fierro, Helena Geraci, Michael Guthrie, Tom Jones, Randy Marquis, Cassandra Moselle, Melissa Muñoz, Lacey Rae, Robert J. Watson, Phillip Wheeler, and Anne Westcott

Original Music by: Tricia Minty

Produced in association with Write Act Repertory.


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