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Film Review: Chop Chop

By Michelle Halloween

The Bonnie & Clyde story can be told over again and, they all usually end the same way. But, in the case of Olive and, Chuck Matthews a quiet night meant to spark some intimacy, turns into a blood-soaked night of cover-up’s, seemingly bad decisions and, impressive luck. CHOP CHOP starts off slightly predictable but, then morphs into a wild ride with unpredictable twists. Directed, written and, produced by Tony Patel, CHOP CHOP has all the campy horror film attributes with an Ocean’s 11 vibe.

A quiet night is planned for The Matthews, a young couple hoping to turn the flame back on in the area of intimacy is interrupted by a psychotic pizza delivery man. Liv Matthews (Atala Arce) breaks out her bravery early on while she deals with Teddy, the creepy pizza delivery guy, (Jeremy Jordan) while Husband Chuck, (Jake Taylor) handles some private business before saving Liv. Early on, it's noticeable that Liv has some instinctual self-defense skills. The couple silently argues against utilizing law-enforcement and, decides to rid Teddy by their own means. Chuck is well connected and, knows exactly who to call to put the gruesome intrusion behind them. But, there comes another knock on the door. Liv and, Chuck find themselves in pickle after pickle while trying to rid themselves of the one who sought to do them harm! The bodies begin to pile up. Soon, Liv and, Chuck find their tolerance for pain and, how much each can stomach. What wouldn’t Liv and Chuck do to keep each other safe?

As CHOP CHOP continues, you think you have it all figured out until, clever writing by Patel comes in and, viewers are faced with unsuspecting twists that certainly convince viewers that it’s over for The Matthews. But, they keep enduring, barely, right up until the very end. So, even after body count rises and, more characters are revealed, The Matthew’s find comfort and solace with each other. Do, they find that intimacy they were lacking? You’ll have to watch! CHOP CHOP is relentless!

CHOP CHOP started off with a seriousness until you see creepy Teddy, the Pizza Delivery guy, carrying a single pizza in one hand and, a bag of decapitated heads in the other. Teddy is a very exciting character because he is all sorts of creepy and, all kinds of disturbing. A performance that is worthy of his own movie. I wish we could have seen more of what Teddy could do but, Liv is the protagonist here and, she cuts Teddy’s performance short. Well, kind of. Teddy’s face makes another appearance, just not in the way that you may be thinking. CHOP CHOP is a spinning tale of blood, loyalty and, betrayal that is well written complete with practical effects, make-up and, fantastic performances by all characters. It’s bloody and, there are plenty of gaping wounds but, I wanted more blood and, more on-screen violence. Some scenes are left for the audience to speculate what happens in each scene and, while that’s appreciated because it builds anticipation, CHOP CHOP would have done well to let all the blood and, violence out.

The score gave an Ocean’s 11 vibe. Just all without clever planning and, far more messy. Watching The Matthews dig deep to fight for their own survival and, each other’s gives CHOP CHOP a grindhouse film feel. Again, just a bit more Grind would have set the bar even higher. CHOP CHOP is a fun and, sometimes funny film that should be watched on date nights. But, in the words of Liv Matthews, “order anything but, pizza” for dinner.

CHOP CHOP is available Rent or Buy on iTunes and Prime Video on October 20th.


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