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Review: 'Evil Little Things'

Image Courtesy of Uncork’d Entertainment

By: Tanitia Burks

If you already have a fear of creepy dolls, EVIL LITTLE THINGS seeks to reinforce that fear. In echoing themes of horror films and TV shows that have come before it - think Leprechaun meets Child’s Play meets The Twilight Zone’s “Living Doll” - this film’s overarching plot focuses on a mother taking her son to purchase a doll to comfort him, only to have a toy shop’s owner tell grizzly tales about the dolls he is selling.

We see two of these tales play out in short film form. One is about a woman who is being cursed and tormented by a leprechaun doll. The other follows a woman with a collection of dolls, one of which rules over her and the rest through threats and intimidation. 

Image Courtesy of Uncork’d Entertainment

If there is one critique, it is that there are some character beats that don’t align. It feels as though there were missing scenes or lines. For example, a character quickly believes what another is going through, only to stare at them a minute later as if they've lost their mind. It leaves one wondering if any important scenes were left out, or cut for time.  

Overall, the film had some well-executed practical effects, as well as sound and visual editing that worked well in building the suspense. EVIL LITTLE THINGS was creepily fun, and manages to hit on so many themes in the horror doll genre. If you have any dolls in your home, best of luck trying to fall asleep peacefully after watching this. 

Image Courtesy of Uncork’d Entertainment

EVIL LITTLE THINGS is available to watch now on streaming platforms.


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