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Drag Superstar Nina West Launches 'Heels Of Horror' Digital Show

Drag Superstar Nina West is continuing her reign as the Queen of Halloween with the first ever digital production of HEELS OF HORROR. For 12 years, Nina West has written, produced and performed a Halloween Variety show LIVE in her hometown of Columbus, OH. Fans would come from all over the US to see the show, selling out tickets in a matter of hours and raising over $1million dollars for LGBTQ+ charities.  In 2020, due to the pandemic and the need for social distancing protocols, Nina and her producing partner Patricia Taylor, searched for ways to bring HEELS OF HORROR to the stage safely and with the highest quality possible. Ultimately, it was deemed that a Live show would not allow for a large number of people to attend the show and for the safety of performers and fans it would be best to move the show to a digital space. However, this opens the show for a whole new worldwide audience to see what Nina and her spooky friends have been up to! The entirely new show is split into 3 episodes each featuring a different Halloween theme. They will be streamed exclusively via a ticketed event on VIMEO and will feature some of Columbus’s finest performers as well as special guests Sydney James Harcourt (Original Cast Member Hamilton on Broadway), Jennica Tastrophe, Gretta Goodbottom and The Skeleton crew, Jamz Dean and surprise cameos from the world of stage and screen,  The show is sponsored by the generous support of the presenting sponsor Equitas Health. Equitas is a regional non-profit health system serving the healthcare needs of the LGBTQ+ in 13 cities in the Midwest. Throughout the run, Nina will be asking for donations to Equitas Health to continue its mission. The production is also supported by the Columbus-based, national companies White Castle and Big Lots.

“I’m so excited to continue the tradition of Heels of Horror with an all new Digital show.” Said Nina West. “I went back and forth on how to provide a safe and fun in person event that would be both memorable and safe as I have with the past 12 years. Ultimately the safety of my performers and fans won out. There are tons of surprises in store, even some Tricks and Treats! Tune in Beginning October 28th ! You won’t want to miss it!” -Nina West Tickets are just $30 and are on sale Wednesday Oct 7th at 10am EST here.


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