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Quibi's DON'T LOOK DEEPER Review

Aisha (Helena Howard) in Quibi’s Don’t Look Deeper

By Tanitia Burks

DON'T LOOK DEEPER is a thrilling sci-fi drama centered around a teen girl, Aisha (Howard), who resides in a small town. Aisha lives with her father (Cheadle) in a futuristic society where A.I. robots work and serve humans. I had the opportunity to watch the first six episodes of this new series coming to Quibi.

Don Cheadle, Emily Mortimer and Helena Howard in Quibi’s Don’t Look Deeper

In the Quibi format, the episodes are only about ten minutes long. It is impressive how much suspense and plot development happens in these short episodes, but it does. In the first episode, Aisha discovers that her whole life is not what she had believed it to be and each subsequent episode spirals down a rabbit hole of revelations. Aisha learns not only who, but what she is and that the people around her, who she believed could be trusted, have been lying and keeping secrets all along. In the sixth episode we get a flashback that begins to set up how Aisha came to be where she is. 

BTS with Catherine Hardwicke, Don Cheadle and Helena Howard

After the first six episodes there seems to be much more to be revealed and I was left with so many questions. This series will definitely leave you hanging on episode after episode itching to see what is revealed next, with the uncertainty of whether those around our protagonist, Aisha, have her best interest at heart. Are they trying to protect her or is there a larger scheme in which she is just a pawn? I am excited to see how the rest of the series pans out when it premieres on Quibi July 27th.


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