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Deadly Z Transforms Deftones' 'Change' in Eerie Music Video

In a mesmerizing blend of haunting melodies and gothic aesthetics, Deadly Z, a prominent contributor to Creepy Kingdom, has once again left an indelible mark on the world of eerie entertainment. The release of her latest music video for the cover of The Deftones' "Change (In The House of Flies)" is nothing short of a captivating journey into the realms of darkness, artistry, and sonic innovation.

Directed by the talented Rawl of the Dead, the music video is a visual masterpiece that unfolds against the backdrop of a small white church nestled in the heart of the California desert. The striking contrast between the purity of the church's exterior and the eerie, almost ethereal atmosphere captured within the video creates a sense of enchanting unease that resonates perfectly with the song's haunting undertones.

At the heart of the video is Deadly Z herself, a commanding figure dressed in a black gothic babydoll dress adorned with a prominent cross featuring a heart. This visual motif not only serves as a nod to the thematic elements of the song but also showcases Deadly Z's distinct ability to merge fashion and symbolism seamlessly.

The cover of "Change (In The House of Flies)" itself is a testament to Deadly Z's artistic prowess. Her soulful yet haunting vocals breathe new life into the Deftones' classic track, infusing it with a fresh sense of vulnerability and depth. This rendition, performed by Engine’s Drone, a Deftones cover band led by Deadly Z herself, resonates with fans both old and new, offering a unique perspective on a beloved song.

Behind the scenes, the music video's production is a result of collaboration between remarkable talents. Engine’s Drone delivers the compelling musical backdrop, while production credits go to Dungeon of the Seas. This fusion of creative minds culminates in an audiovisual experience that transcends conventional boundaries, inviting viewers and listeners alike to immerse themselves in the eerie allure of Deadly Z's world.

While Deadly Z's role as a Creepy Kingdom contributor might encompass attending horror events and hosting creepy-themed gatherings such as horror trivia nights, her foray into music and visual storytelling is an undeniable extension of her commitment to the unsettling, the enigmatic, and the enchanting. The music video for "Change (In The House of Flies)" stands as a testament to her multi-faceted talent, as she seamlessly navigates between her roles as a horror enthusiast, and event host, and now, a captivating musical artist.

Moreover, it's worth noting that Chino Moreno, the frontman of The Deftones, is also a member of another band called Crosses. This intriguing connection adds another layer of depth to the narrative, highlighting the interconnectedness of musical creativity and the diverse ways in which artists express themselves.

Deadly Z's music video for "Change (In The House of Flies)" is a mesmerizing fusion of sight and sound that envelops viewers in a haunting embrace. Against the backdrop of a desolate desert church, her captivating presence, combined with the powerful cover performance, creates an experience that lingers long after the final note. As Deadly Z continues to explore the boundaries of her artistic expression, audiences can undoubtedly look forward to more evocative journeys into the heart of darkness, guided by her unique vision.


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