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Unveiling the Chilling Enchantment: Creepy World Toys Crowdfunding Campaign

Creepy World Toys has emerged as a unique player, aiming to bring spine-tingling tales to life through captivating collectibles. Founded with the vision of transforming urban legends into tangible art, the brand's meticulously crafted resin figures delve into eerie narratives that have fascinated generations.

The debut wave of Creepy World Toys' resin figures paid homage to the iconic "Bloody Mary" urban legend. The figure's meticulous design captured the tale's essence, setting a precedent for the brand's commitment to quality and authenticity.

Looking ahead, Creepy World Toys plans an array of figures, each embodying spine-chilling urban legends. The forthcoming releases include the enigmatic Black-Eyed Kid figure, inspired by unsettling encounters, the menacing Hook Man with his distinctive hook hand, and the Goatman figure, embodying the eerie fusion of human and goat-like features.

However, the brand's allure extends beyond the figures themselves. Creepy World Toys believes in building a community of enthusiasts who share a fascination for the eerie. Through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, fans can support the creation of these figures while gaining exclusive rewards.

Creepy World Toys stands as a bridge between the known and unknown, captivating fans with its resin figures that transform horror into art. For those ready to embrace the world of chilling urban legends, the Kickstarter campaign offers a chance to own a piece of the darkness:


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