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Fallen Saints Presents Arcanum An Immersive Haunt Experience This September

For The First Time Since 2019!

It was a long four years ago that The Darkness was contained. But for the first time since the events in Salem, The Darkness will be unleashed in North Hollywood again. And no one is safe.

Since its debut in 2016, “Fallen Saints” has disturbed audiences with its unflinching explorations of the horrors that humanity inflicts upon itself. From Jack the Ripper prowling the Whitechapel district of London in search of his next kill to the communal hysteria that led to the deaths of 25 citizens of Salem, “Fallen Saints” has portrayed the darkness deep inside our souls, both literally and figuratively.

With “Fallen Saints Presents: Arcanum,” Force of Nature Productions brings the community-sourced viral sensation that is the SCP Foundation into the Fallen Saints universe.

Beginning with a scavenger hunt-style game at this summer’s Midsummer Scream in Long Beach, this chapter is more immersive than ever, transforming the Brickhouse Theatre in North Hollywood into a maze of creepy interactions around every corner. Ticket holders are invited to become a member of the SCP Foundation and are tasked with containing the mystically powered anomalies whose release into our world could be the “midnight event” feared to lead to the end of our universe.

Running September 1st – 16th, 2023

Experiences begin every 15 minutes from 8:00 - 10:45 p.m. on Fridays & Saturdays

Brickhouse Theatre, 10950 Peach Grove Street, North Hollywood

Tickets are $20 in advance. Or limited tickets may be available at the door for $22 on a first-come, first-served basis.

Groups are limited to 12 guests. This experience involves walking in dark, enclosed spaces, interactive participation, and challenges. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Please note, no public restroooms will be available.

Written by: Samantha Marquis, Tom Jones, and Sebastian Muñoz

Featuring the talents of: Aaliyah Anderson, Joshua Anderson, Tiffany Anderson, Corey Chappell, Jerry Chappell, Charlotte Cocker, Redetha Deason, Harry Fahn, Ron Gabaldon, Gloria Galvan, Tricia Guthrie-Minty, Michael Guthrie-Minty, Jonathan Harrison, Ashling Kesinger, Xander Kesinger, Tom Jones, Randy Marquis, Richard Marquis, Sammy Marquis, Michelle Miyamoto-Galvan, Barry Montoya, Angelica Muñoz, Melissa Muñoz, William Muñoz, Dylan Porter, Poppy Sisson, Roger Thomson, Heather Vazquez, Robert J. Watson, and Richard Whitfield

Original Music & SFX by: Tricia Guthrie-Minty

Lights & Set Design by: Jerry Chappell

Costume & Makeup Design by: Melissa Muñoz

Directed by: Sebastian Muñoz

Produced in association with Write Act Repertory

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