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American Horror Story: 1984 - “TRUE KILLERS” Recap

By Twisted Tori

If you’re not hooked on AHS 1984 yet, you will be after watching Episode 4 – TRUE KILLERS. This episode truly lives up to its slasher theme and delivers oodles of blood and gore. 

In TRUE KILLERS, it focuses heavily on Billie Lourd’s character, Montana, and how her relationship with the Night Stalker came about. We also discover more deadly secrets about Camp Redwood and I’m starting to think we can’t trust anyone.

Man, I’m not into idolizing serial killers, but Zach Villa just kills it with his performance as the Night Stalker aka Richard Ramirez. He’s charismatic, sexy, and overly confident… which is bound to get him in trouble especially Mr. Jingles is around. 

Speaking of Mr. Jingles, after discovering some of the truth behind the deadly legends of Camp Redwood, I feel so bad for him and everything he’s went through. He was made to be something he’s not. What a mind f**k. I’ll elaborate more on this in next week’s recap, but for now I don’t want to give away too many spoilers. 

I don’t recall many songs throughout TRUE KILLERS, but Billy Idol’s Rebel Yell plays during a pretty awesome scene that fits perfectly with the theme of the show and specifically this episode. 

I hope you’re still enjoying AHS 1984 as much as I am. Let me know which episode is your favorite thus far and if you have any predictions for next week’s episode RED DAWN. 

(All Images courtesy of FX)


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