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Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group Announces Return of Delusion

Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group, the world’s largest Halloween-themed entertainment company, today announced the highly anticipated return of their hit attraction, "Delusion," which will be making its return to the Los Angeles area this fall.

Running from September 21st through November 19th on select nights, the historic Phillips Mansion in Pomona, CA, will be transfigured into a new ghastly interactive horror theater experience where guests become key players in a sinister and entangled hour-long interactive escapade. Tickets will go on sale soon and start at $89.99 on select nights. Guests are highly encouraged to sign up on the website at for early ticket access while supplies last. You can view the 2023 trailer here.

"With 8 seasons of this incredible journey we call Delusion, all things have led to this year's story. Rather, let's call it a compendium!" said Jon Braver, Creator of Delusion." I gave it much thought and felt an anthology of Delusion stories, woven together like a terrifying tapestry, into an epic live experience would be something both Delusion fans (aka Delusionals) and newcomers alike will revel in. There is so much to love, and so much to fantastically fear this Fall!"

This year's chilling narrative, "Nocturnes & Nightmares," brings more to the Delusion saga than meets the eye. A mysterious figure, only identified as The Author, seemingly birthed every Delusion story from its inception—bringing words to life and ink to reality. But when is a gift not a gift? Now, with the elusive author missing and Delusion characters hell-bent on protecting their creator, audiences (Delusionals) will need to track down The Author and help finish their most important work yet.

This year's event will showcase an array of enhanced on-site dining and beverage choices. The addition of a garden bar and Marion's Chamber Lounge will offer an exquisite dinner selection complemented by creatively crafted themed drinks and captivating entertainment.

NEW This Halloween Season:

Spectral Soiree - For those teetering on the edge of madness, the otherworldly Phillips Mansion will embrace you with an evening of specters & spirits. Guests will be granted front-of-the-house access, allowing them to lurk through dark halls and twisted corners of the expansive mansion as they delight in a myriad of dark offerings such as: the possession of the doll Manny Manners, intimate moments with our evening's host Esther Phillips, a darkly romantic garden bar, a wicked puppet bar hosted by the towering Marion; the master of puppets, a Dark Arts Theater hosting a variety of mystical artists, and finally, if one were to find the courage, something haunts the attic of the mansion. Only those who learn the spell may summon the dead.

Behind the Veil: VIP Experience - For the first time, Delusion will offer guests an interactive look behind the scenes of what makes Delusion "the gold standard of horror theater." VIP guests will get the opportunity to interact with actors and crew as they witness the performance happening in real-time. They'll also have the opportunity to don ragged costumes and take part in the action themselves, as they lie in wait as eerie corpses in the foyer, then rise as the undead as they terrify other guests into their next scene. Behind the Veil is the ultimate way for guests to elevate their experience and seize the opportunity to play their part like never before at Delusion.

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