A Feature-Length Documentary about the fan culture surrounding Disney’s Haunted Mansion.


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A musical short film shot inside an actual haunted attraction!  A grumpy man learns the true meaning of Halloween!

You can watch it right now for free!


Creepy Kingdom's GEORGIE, a reimagining of the 1990 “It” miniseries that answers the question "what if Georgie came back?". Starring Tony Dakota, the actor who portrayed Georgie Denbrough in the original series in his first role in 25 years!  Also starring Meredith Binder and Ben Heller!

Introducing “PEEP” Our Next Short Film


We wanted to share a tiny teaser image from our new short film project! The team behind our short film GEORGIE, John Campopiano (Producer/Writer) and Ryan Grulich (Director/Writer) along with our production partners Fuzz on the Lens, have reunited to create our upcoming short film, PEEP! This young adult horror short is going to be creepy, fun, and bizarre—and it’s coming your way in 2021. Stay tuned later this year for more info!